Wreck It Ralph Will Wreck It Again

SF Rush The Rock

Disney hit a grand slam with their Wreck It Ralph film and won over the hearts of a new generation of arcade fans in the process. Considering the level of success that they had with the film, it should be no surprise to learn that they have started production on a sequel. We’ll need to wait until March 2018 before we’ll be able to watch the sequel, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

In Wreck It Ralph 2, Ralph will be forced to make the transition from an arcade world into a more modern video game ecosystem. Considering the trouble that arcade operators began to have when the home consoles first started coming out, we’re predicting trouble as he tries to adapt to an increasingly and complex world. While we’re a little sad to hear that the films focus will now shift towards newer games, we think that the final message will be one that reminds the audience of how much fun the classics really are.

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