Video Game High School Launches Season 2

Need more proof that the arcade industry is undergoing a revival?  Look no further than season 2 of Video Game High School.  After generating incredible buzz with the first season, Freddie Wong was able to parlay the show’s popularity into $800,000 backed by more than 10,000 fans on Kickstarter.  Judging by the trailer, season 2 looks pretty awesome.  Shot entirely in YouTube’s own studio in LA, the show’s quality is quite a bit higher than most YouTube series and should help create even more video game fans.  Gigaom has more info on the release

“there’s something else that’s interesting about Video Game High School. The show is a good example of what Google wants YouTube to look more like in the future: High-quality production that understands the audience, and attracts real ad dollars. The show’s second season is sponsored by Dodge, and with TV-length half-hour episodes, YouTube is able to show viewers a total of three ads in the season two premiere episode. YouTube has long been pushing for more professional content, with a wide variety of tools: The site has given out free equipment to some of its producers, invited others to classes to learn more about video production and given sizable advances to select partners.”

I’m constantly amazed at how many young people own and work on games.  The games may have been made a long time ago, but young inquisitive minds still find them fascinating.  I think Video Game High School’s success is a good indicator that another generation stands ready to carry the torch as operators from the 80s slip into retirement.

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