Top 5 Most Romantic Arcade Games

Love is in the air and while there will be untold billions spent on chocolates and roses this Valentine’s Day, we wanted to highlight a few arcade games that celebrate love. Here are our top 5 picks for the most romantic arcade ever games made.

5.) Toki

The storyline in the game Toki is a bit unconventional, but will melt all but the coldest hearts. The hero of the game is a normal guy named Toki. His lovely girlfriend is kidnapped by an evil sorcerer named Vookimdlo. As if having to rescue her isn’t hard enough, Vookimedlo has raised the stakes by casting a spell over our hero. If he fails to save his girlfriend, he’ll forever remain a monkey, but if he can save her, their love will unlock the spell and turn him back into a man.

4.) Super Mario Brothers


There have been a lot of damsel in distress video games, but few capture the genre quite as well as Super Mario Brothers. In the game, Mario and Luigi must crawl through dungeon like sewers fighting off mutant plants and ninja turtles. In the end, the goal is to save the princess from a really ugly dude named Bowser.

3.) Dragon’s Lair


Considered a cult classic by anyone and everyone who loves animation, Dragon’s lair is part laser disc, part arcade game. In the game, you play the lanky, but lovable Dirk the Daring, who must slash, crash and mad dash his way across a most heinous castle. When he gets to the heart of the lair, he must slay a dragon who holds a key to a prison that that the princess has been enveloped by. It’s core storyline is enough to make one’s heart turn to mush, but the added effect from the supreme animation puts this one over the top.

2.) Ms. Pacman


A game that was so popular it doesn’t even need an introduction. Part of what made Ms. Pacman so successful were the love scenes that were cut into the game. In the first one you see Mr. and Ms. Pacman meet while being chased by ghosts, in the 2nd scene Pacman is the one doing the chasing as he falls in love with the Misses. In the final scene they have a baby that would ultimately inspire the Jr. Pacman spinoff. It’s a love story as classic as the game itself.

1.) Popeye


With so many strong candidates, it was tough to score a winner, but Popeye has to be the most romantic game of all time. In the game, Popeye must fight with Bluto for Olive Oil’s love. Sprinkled with hearts throughout the game, the only goal is for affection.

What do you think, did we leave any games off? Would you have put them in a different order. Sound off with your own top 5 in the comments . . .

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  1. Jack July 12, 2014 at 7:26 am # Reply

    What, no “Fantasy”

  2. Seth July 12, 2014 at 10:48 pm # Reply

    I hadn’t heard of Fantasy before. It sounds intense. Rock Ola sure made some unusual games.

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