The WG 19V1001 Black and White Monitor

WG19V1001 (1 of 1)

One of the benefits of working with so many games is that we come across a lot of rare parts. This post is dedicated to helping to provide more information on the Wells Gardner 19V1001 black and white monitor. Good luck with your monitor repairs Space Invader fans! Thanks for helping to keep these old spaceships flying high.

Copy of the 19V1001 Monitor Manual

The WG19V1001 Cap Kit

C201 – 47UF 50V
C202 – 47UF 50V
C204 – 470UF 16V
C206 – 100UF 50V
C211 – 1UF 50V
C219 – 150UF 10V
C221 – 47UF 50V
C230 – 1UF 50V (Axial)
C232 – 22UF 100V
C234 – 250UF 100V (250UF capacitors are nearly obsolete at this point. We used a 330UF/100V Cap as a replacement and have had no problems)


The picture on my monitor is upside down? In order to flip the image so that it displays properly you’ll need to swap your Yoke wires. Unplug the Red Horizontal Wire and the Black Horizontal wire from the Yoke and change positions. Presto, it should now display properly.

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