Tetris The Movie Turns Into A Tetrilogy


Admittedly, movies based on arcade games haven’t always been winners. For what it’s worth, games based on movies have probably been even worse if we’re being fair. Nonetheless, few things excite me more than being able to see arcade games inspire culture in this way. While we already knew that they were making a movie based on Tetris, a new interview with the producer of the films reveals that they are planning on making 3 of them. What the plot line for the series will be is anybody’s guess, but you have to imagine that it will include Russia in the film and the game’s premises on changing blocks (breaking encryption?) makes me think we’ll get a good high tech spy thriller. It will be fun to watch more details leak as the film gets closer to it’s release, I have a funny feeling that they’ll be playing this one close to the vest though, so it’s possible that you may not get too many juicy tidbits until the film debuts.

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