Shoebox Raid!

When your product is the size of a refrigerator, you get a lot of big opportunities. More than once we’ve had to leave a warehouse feeling unsatisfied because we couldn’t fit anymore games in our truck. Here’s a bulk lot that you won’t have to take out a Public Storage locker for in order to buy.

shoebox raid

Seeing a warehouse full of this many games is impressive, but perhaps it’s even more impressive to see such a large collection of games in one spot that are all miniature replicas. Pinball Arcade has an Etsy store where they sell handcrafted arcade and pool tables that are big enough to sit on your desk. They don’t function like the full sized games, but are a great conversation starter at work. The replicas are built by hand and crafted to look as much like the originals as possible. You can check out more photos and their mini-pins by clicking here

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  1. Now that is something. Mini-sized arcades for a mini-sized yet serious fun. It must have been so thrilling to see such a place, and so confusing to choose just which one to pick! Great find, thanks for sharing!

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