Ride High You Mustangs, Cal Poly Opens New Arcade

Mustang Lanes

Need more proof that classic arcades are making a comeback? It looks like Cal Poly just opened a new arcade for their students to enjoy. Hosted at the Mustang Lanes, they are featuring an interesting mix of Pinball, Air Hockey, and a side of bowling to go with their arcade games. Located on the bottom floor of the Julian A. Mcphee University Union, you’ll find some of the more recent hits like Big Buck Hunter HD and Terminator Salvation, as well as classics like Pacman Arcade Party (includes Pacman, Dig Dug, Rally X, Galaga and More!). They also have a couple of basketball games, a Mustang themed pinball game to go with their mascot and Beer Pong Master, which I’m sure will be popular on a college campus.

If you really want to show off, check out their Spider X game. It’s a boxing game that measures how hard you can punch. They’re aren’t a lot of details on their website just yet, but you can keep an eye on their blog for updates if you’re looking for something to do in beautiful San Luis Obispo.

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