Party Like It’s 1989


One of the perks of running an arcade company is that we get invited to a lot of parties. Whether you’re having a wedding or celebrating a birthday, arcade games are a good way to entertain large number of guests.

Whenever we deliver games to an event, i always like to stick close so that i can see who plays the games and which ones are their favorites. Considering how many games that we find, that have been all, but abandoned, it warms my heart to see people play them, after we finish restoring them.

Sometimes it warms my heart more than others. Recently, we provided 10 arcade games for a local bar mitvah. Before the event, i talked with the young lad celebrating his journey into manhood, and he absolutely loved arcade games.

Like most 13 year olds, I could tell he was a bit shy. At some point during our conversation, a young lady arrived and things got really awkward. You could just tell that he really liked her, but he couldn’t get much out except a stutter. She liked him too, but he was a bit clueless.

Once the event started, the parents put on the music, but none of the kids were dancing. A few of the moms and dads started things off, but this made the kids even less motivated to cut a rug. I dont know if you’ve ever been to a Jr. High dance, but literally all of the girls were on one side and the boys were on another. Of course the arcade was packed, so after a while a group of girls went in there and started playing games with the guys.

IN lesss than 15 minutes they werent gaming, they were more or less talking around the games. In a half hour, the kids were comfortable enough that they all started dancing and wouldn’t you know it, if our client wasn`t the one leading the charge.

I know that some people do really well in social situations, but a big chunk of people need to warm up before they can start talking to a stranger. Whether youre two co-workers bonding over who can beat who at Street Fighter or a love connection where you dont need a cheesy pickup line, arcade games are a great way to bring people together.

While I like to see our games played, I was happy to see them not being played at that moment. That kid will remember that night forever, there is always time for arcade games later on.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll meet the love of your life the next time you drop a quarter in a game, but we have met enough married couples who met playing classic arcade games, to know that this effect is real.

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