I Spy A Sly Spy

Sly spy arcade cabinet

Sly spy arcade cabinet

Just like comic books, video games have their own universes and sometimes one title will crossover into another and connect two different games to the same world. Sly Spy may not be an incredibly popular game, but when Data East made the game, they included promotional posters of their Karnov game when you played it. Karnov was also featured heavily in the Bad Dudes game, where the plot is to rescue the president who has been kidnapped.

I dont think we’ll ever see a movie based around this fictional universe, but there was a company who bought the rights to Data East’s games when they went bankrupt, so you never know. After Marvel went belly up, no one thought that old comics had much value, but they managed to turn their universe into some pretty profitable movies. While we dont have a Karnov in our collection just yet, its been high on our list. Even if you wont see a Sly Spy tv show, its neat to explore the different games and see how their all connected.

Since Sly Spy was set in the mysterious future of 199X, it’s a continuation of the Bad Dudes story in a way. In Sly Spy the president has been assumed to be assasinated and you must stop the council of world domination from taking control. There are eight levels to fight through, where you get to show off your secret agent moves. Like other Data East run and gun titles of the day, it relies heavily on timing your shots, jumps and ducks to advanced through to each level. In Bad Dudes, you got to have burgers with Ronald Reagan if you beat the game. In Sly Spy, the President’s daughter falls in love wiyh you and marries you, if you can stop the threat of globalization.

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