Here’s An Arcade That Has Gone To The Dogs

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Man’s best friend has made one then a few appearance in video games.  Duck Hunt, Paperboy, NARC, Bad Dudes, Rush ‘n Attack, Samurai Shodown, Mousetrap, Beast Busters, Wind Jammers, Ninjawarriors, CarnEvil, Strider, Mr. F.Lea, Domino Man, Thunder Jaws, Fire Trap, Arch Rivals, Shadow Dancer, Hydrothunder, Kyros and even Robocop just to name a few. Given how often our four legged friends show up in the games, it’s kind of surprising that no one has created an arcade that was dog friendly . . . . until now that is.

Located in Bellevue, Nebraska, B&B Classic Dogs has taken everything wonderful about the classic arcade has has wrapped it in a generous layer of your favorite pooch. They’ve set up a restaurant, an arcade to keep the kids (young and old) entertained and an outside area where your dog can play while you enjoy your time there. No more guilt hanging out playing video games while Bowser sits at home, now there’s a location where your dog will enjoy going as much as you do.

The restaurant is of course dog themed. They serve over 20 different styles of hot dogs ranging from your standard Coney Island dog to the more obscure Slaw Dog. Recently they’ve added a 5lb Hot Dog that if you can eat in less than 20 minutes, you don’t have to pay the $25 for the dog. My first thought when I heard about the challenge was that this had to be pretty easy to do, then I started to do the math and realized that a 5 lbs hot dog would be equivalent to eating 28 regular sized dogs!

Their current list of games includes:

-Spiderman Pinball
-Metallica Pinball
-Basketball Shootout,
-Candy Crane
-Plushbus Crane
-Ms. Pacman
-Supercars Racing
-Big Buck Hunter
-Guitar Hero
-Mini Basketball
-A Football Throwing Game

When I asked B&B Classic Dogs about where they got the idea for the restaurant, Diane said “The inspiration behind the restaurant was and is that we want to bring some Family style fun to Bellevue and the surrounding communities. I was working in the Defense industry and got laid-off 3 years in a row, so we just decided to take our future into our own hands and take a chance.”

We’re glad that they did take a chance and hope that their success allows them to expand. There aren’t a lot of pet friendly places in this world and even less pet friendly restaurants. For many of us, our dogs are an extension of our families so to be able to take them with you, it adds to the enjoyment that you get. We wish B&B Classic Dogs the best of luck and look forward to taking them up on their 5lb hot dog challenge the next time that we’re in Nebraska.

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