End of An Era – Malibu Grand Prix Redwood City Shutting Doors In August


For years, they entertained us with their Go-Karts, Mini-putt and of course their arcade games, but in August, Malibu Grand Prix in Redwood City is officially calling it quits.  I wish I could say that this was a case where they sold the business for big bucks and were retiring into the sunset, but unfortunately the closing is do to attrition.

Owning a business is tough, for the last 5 years, owning an arcade business has been brutal. This is why we are working so hard to provide another revenue stream for arcade owners and operators.  If the industry doesn’t evolve it will die and while the Dave & Buster’s/Barcade model seems to be a winning combo, it’s not a large enough audience to be able to absorb the millions of arcade games that are out there.  For years, the Family Entertainment Center has been a staple of the arcade industry and if this closing tells us anything, it’s that this business model is fracturing.

I’m not sure what will happen to their games at Malibu Grand Prix, but I remember attending an office event held there about 6 years ago and already the arcade had been gutted.  Hopefully, the remaining ones will be recirculated, so that people can still enjoy them.  It was a blast to race their go karts and after getting the competitive juices flowing, it was even more fun to race my co-workers on the arcade games.  I’ll miss Malibu Grand Prix, even with a new entertainment center set to open in my hometown of Antioch. Hopefully, residents in the bay area will make sure to give Malibu Grand Prix a proper sendoff.  Sometimes it takes losing something for people to realize how important it is to them.   We wish Palace Entertainment (the owner of Malibu Grand Prix) the best of luck with their other locations.

Not convinced how awesome Malibu Grand Prix really is? Check out this retro commercial the franchise created during the golden age of gaming. h/t to SmartWatermelon


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