Eastbourne Pier Burns Down After Suspcious Arcade Fire

The video embedded above is heartbreaking, even if you don’t live in England. A small blaze that was initially blamed as an electrical fire in an arcade turned one of Great Britain’s most popular tourist attractions into ashes. The footage of the fire was caught by several onlookers and uploaded to YouTube. While blaming the video games may be convenient, we were a bit surprised to see them listed as the source of the fire. Arcade games have been left unattended for over 30 years now and even the really old ones almost never catch on fire. It’s extremely rare for them to catch fire. Their long history of being run without incident is really a testament to how they were built. Unsurprisingly, the British police are also skeptical that this was the result of a simple accident and are investigating the incident as arson. The owners of the pier have pledged to rebuild it and insurance should cover the bulk of the damages, but it’s sad to think of all the games lost and that one of the premiere arcades in England is now just another footnote in history,

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