Craft Beer Meet The 80s – Warped Brewing Company Launches Arcade Brew Pub

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One of the cool things about running a video game company is that you end up with the best customers. When we first learned that Sebastopol was going to get it’s own arcade themed craft brewery we couldn’t have been more excited. When they tapped us to help provide games, we were ecstatic. Over the last decade, the barcade has been one of the most successful areas of the arcade industry.


Started by innovative entrepreneurs everywhere and legitimized by the adoption of corporate chains like Dave and Busters, it’s been a bright spot for the industry, during an otherwise bleak period. Instead of relying on income from the games, restaurants and pubs can use them as a way to entertain guests and attract customers. This makes the games more valuable than the income stream that the quarters can bring in.

Brew Operations

Warped Brewing Company has taken the barcade concept and has adopted it to work with the craft beers that they specialize in. With names like Orbital Outage, Pixelated Porter and The Crash of 83′, their beers have been tailor made for arcade fans everywhere.

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The early reviews have come in and the critics seem impressed as well. That Beer Nerd gave their very first brew, three and half out of five gorillas.

Brew Pub

The company has set up a Facebook page where you can keep track of what’s going on. They also hold a high score contest where if you can top the leaderboard, you’ll get to pick the next game that they rent from us. You can also subscribe to their Bottom of the Bottle podcast for beer enthusiasts. We’re glad to see more locations where arcade fans can play games. If you’re ever in the Sebastopol area, we encourage you to check it out and to play a few games.

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