Cocktails Vs. Stand Up Arcade Games?

Happy HourWhen most people think about Happy Hour specials, they’re thinking of getting drinks after work. For us, a happy hour is when we can fit three cocktail arcade games into the back of our truck.

When we first started collecting games, we didn’t focus on the cocktails at all, but after we launched our customers made it clear that they wanted more. Overall, we’ve found the stand up games to be more popular with our members, but there are a few advantages that the cocktail games offer. The biggest is that you can play a game sitting down. This makes them ideal for a cafeteria type setting. This also gives them an advantage in public areas because they are wheelchair accessible.

It seems like most of the cocktail games that we’ve been able to collect have been early classics. I’m not sure why they stopped making cocktail arcade games in the 90’s, but it’s pretty rare to see something other than an early 80’s title in one. Everybody has their own preference and whether you enjoy playing on your feet or like something a bit more relaxed, it’s interesting to see how something as simple as the design of a game can affect the playability.

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