Broken Water Main Floods Pinball Pete

Pinball fans in East Lansing Michigan will temporarily need to find a new place to get their pinball fix after Pinball Pete in Ann Arbor Michigan was flooded from a broken water main. We restore a lot of games, so we know how hard it is to repair water damage on an arcade cabinet. Unlike forces of nature where you can see the threat coming, the flood came out of nowhere after an employee noticed a little bit of innocent looking water that was trickling from under the door. MLive has all the details.

“Evan Williams, who has worked at the basement arcade since summer 2012, noticed water leaking onto the floor and originally thought someone spilled a beverage. When he traced the spreading liquid to a door, he realized the flow was too heavy and too prolonged to be minor. He got the code to the door from a superior and opened it to find water cascading down the stairs behind the door. Unable to stop the water, Williams called 911, turned off the games and left the building. “Nothing looks like it’s completely destroyed yet, but the water is still coming in,” Williams said before firefighters and city employees were able to shut the water off. “It’s at least two inches deep.” Williams said the water was covering the bottom of most of the games in the arcade and he expected there to be quite a bit of loss.”

Hopefully everything will be OK once Pinball Petes has a chance to dry out. It’s a good thing they were able to turn off the games because the electrical current could have made things a lot worse.

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