Ask All You Can Arcade – What Game Am I Thinking Of?

reassembled track ball roller

Today’s question comes in from Kevin, who is trying to remember the name of a favorite arcade game, but only remembers the details of the games. Here are your clues . . .

-Clue#1 – its a side scroller

-Clue#2 – it has a jet that can transform into a robot and vice versa

-Clue#3 it has lots of stages and as far i can remember its that the first stage enemy is a one eyed monster

-Clue#4 amazing sound and graphics

Admittedly clue #4 is a bit subjective, so it may not be as useful, but he did mention that he played it in the 90’s, so it rules out anything post millennium.

Off the top of our head, we know that we don’t have any like this in our inventory, but are going to do our homework in the next 24 hours and will update it with our best guess. If you think that you know the name of the game, dive into the comments and we’ll see if we can figure this one out.

After a bit of careful research, we think that the game is Aeroboto. I wasn’t able to confirm footage of the first boss, but it looks an awfully lot like the game described. It was also known as Formation Z. It was released in 1984 by Jaleco. Here is some footage of the game play on Youtube.

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