Arcadecraft To Bring Arcade Simulation Game To PC

Power Up Arcade

Ever wonder what it’s like to actually run an arcade? Indie game developer Firebase Industries, set out to recreate the experience and ended up with a hit game on their hands. According to Joystiq, the company has now sold an impressive 65,000 copies of the game since releasing the game on Xbox live late last year. After this kind of response, it shouldn’t be too surprising to learn that they’ve continued the development of the game and are about to release a version for PC users to play.

You can find the game on Steam or you can pre-order the game on the humble store.

While the game doesn’t include the ability to put your games on location, it does a pretty good job of replicating a physical arcade. You have to figure out what titles produce the best return on your investment and then rotate the games as they get stale. You also have to maintain and repair the games when they break down including clearing the hopper when it fills up with loose change. It’d be great to see them add a monthly delivery feature to the game, but we’re just happy to see a well made simulation game that is designed around arcade games.

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