Arcade Monitor Troubleshooting – Horizontal Collapse Issue AKA The Northern Lights

Northern Lights Monitor Troubleshooting

With so many games, we come across a lot of different monitor issues. Typically, there are usually about a half a dozen things that could be wrong and once you start to recognize the symptoms, it makes it much easier to figure out where to begin.

Usually, when someone says that they have horizontal collapse, they really have vertical collapse, but their monitor is mounted vertically in their arcade cabinet so it makes it look like a single vertical line. While your game may appear to be horizontally challenged, it’s really an issue with your vertical circuit. Horizontal collapse is actually very rare to come across.

In the case of the monitor above though, you’ll see that it really is the horizontal part of the picture, that is failing. The effect makes it look a bit like the Northern Lights. Lots of pretty colors streaming down the line and you can see them dance. It’s very pretty, but not very good for playing a video game, unless you’re very easy to entertain.

After poking around a bit on our chassis, we realized that this particular tube had been swapped into a G07 frame, but the tube was originally from a 19″ K7000. The improper pairing of the chassis with the wrong tube caused the horizontal circuit to fail, because the horizontal yoke wire wasn’t going into the correct spot.

The solution was easy enough to solve. We took our G07 Frame and Chassis and put a G07 tube in it instead. Once we paired our K7000 tube with a working K7000 chassis, we now had two working monitors and no sign of horizontal collapse on either one.

While this may seem like an unlikely mistake to make, with so many spare chassis floating around out there, we have to imagine that others are running into the same problem. Hopefully the photo above helps you to recognize this particular symptom and can point you in the right direction for getting you monitor working again.

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