All You Can Arcades New (Classic) Releases For July 23rd

Terminator 2 Judgement Day


Beyond the initial selection that you see online, we’ve also done a good job of hoarding arcade games.  Each week we hope to release new titles for our members to enjoy.  If you see a game that you like, you can sign up here

Terminator 2Gunfight may have been our first shooter listed on the service, but Terminator 2 is a shooter of a different caliber.  One of the more modern games in our portfolio, you must take on Skynet in an effort to save humanity.  With a storyline that is based largely on the film of the same name, it offers multiple settings to challenge your best sharpshooting skills.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – If there’s one thing that we’ve learned since launching our arcade rental service, is that the heavier the game is, the more popular it is with the public.  TMNT is no exception.  A fabulously designed beat em up game where you use all your ninja skills in order to save April and Splinter from Shedder’s evil clutches.

Pole Position II – One of the all time classic racing games.  Use your driving skills to shift back and forth past the competition as you handle hair raising turns and unexpected oil slicks that get in your way.  Almost identical to the original Pole Position, except it offers improved graphics and four different courses.

Nastar Warrior – The sequel to the Rastan saga, Nastar Warrior allows you to live out life as a barbarian in a very hostile environment.  It’s a side scrolling platform game that offers a lot of opportunities to slash, dash and jump you way to victory.  Its what Mario Brother’s would have been like if they ended up in real life dungeon lair instead of that sissy castle that the princess was locked in.  Collect swords throughout the game to power up your weapons for even more sizzle.

Relief Pitcher – Given how well the Giants have done lately, we think this will be a popular game with local customers.  It was originally a prototype unit and has joysticks with Atari engraved into the top of them.  A true treat for any sports fans.  You get to take turns pitching and batting against the computer or another player.

Buck Rogers and The Planet of Zoom – Fans of the Buck Rogers TV show will love this game adapted from the sci-fi series.  It’s a racing game where you must pilot you ship around a series of obstacles while firing away at incoming alien ships.  Eerilly similar to some of the Star Wars games that game before it, you can tell that the game was influenced by the competition it faced.  A fun game, but you have to master the timing to get far.  Too fast and you’ll spin out of control, too slow and you’ll be turned into a floating wreckage.

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