8 Bit Characters Ported Into Real Life

real life mario kart

Whether it’s movies like Wreck it Ralph or a child’s overactive imagination, I think we’ve all played an arcade game or two where you wonder what it would be like to actually get sucked into the game or where the characters get sucked into your real life.  Victor Sauron has taken this concept to a new level with a gallery of photos where he’s combined photos that he’s taken on his journeys with characters that he’s found in some of the classic arcade games.

You should make sure to check the entire gallery out, but a few that really stood out were his mashup of Super Mario Brother’s blowing up a real life castle, the Super Mario Brother’s 3 scene in a real ocean, and Sonic the Hedgehog riding a real life roller coaster. d While the concept may be simple, the results are pretty entertaining.  What games would you like to see collide with real life?

h/t Brian.Carnell.com

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