A Cosmic Bomb

Cosmic Avenger (4 of 1)

When Cosmic Avengers was first released in the arcades, it absolutely bombed. Universal was the new kid on the block and outside of their fantastic Mr. DO trilogy, they never really found large scale commercial success when it came to arcade games. If the story ended there, the game would be an oddity relegated to private collection’s, but where Universal found a lot of success was when they ported the game to the ColecoVision console.

The ColecoVision was a home console that was released in 1982. Despite its introduction during a crash in the arcade market, they still managed to sell 2 million units. While there were approximately 150 titles released for it, Universal was able to snag two spots on the 12 in 1 cartridge, that shipped with the console. As a result of the exposure Cosmic Avengers and Lady Bug (another bomb) became beloved and highly sought out by the public, even to this day.

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