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New Arcade Game Database Goes Live

the wave 2

Most arcade collectors discover early on that there is only so much space in life to accommodate a certain number of games. Considering that they’ve made over 5000 different arcade games, this makes owning every one a near impossible goal. What is an arcade collector to do? Collect digital games instead 🙂

Earlier this week a new database geared toward the arcade community was announced. On the site, you can post reviews on your favorite games, the artwork that went along with them and your feelings on the soundtrack. Not every game is listed each yet, but as the site gets more visitors, it should end up fully populated with reviews for every game. If you’d like to check out this latest arcade related website you can visit them at

Tetris The Movie Turns Into A Tetrilogy


Admittedly, movies based on arcade games haven’t always been winners. For what it’s worth, games based on movies have probably been even worse if we’re being fair. Nonetheless, few things excite me more than being able to see arcade games inspire culture in this way. While we already knew that they were making a movie based on Tetris, a new interview with the producer of the films reveals that they are planning on making 3 of them. What the plot line for the series will be is anybody’s guess, but you have to imagine that it will include Russia in the film and the game’s premises on changing blocks (breaking encryption?) makes me think we’ll get a good high tech spy thriller. It will be fun to watch more details leak as the film gets closer to it’s release, I have a funny feeling that they’ll be playing this one close to the vest though, so it’s possible that you may not get too many juicy tidbits until the film debuts.

In Local News . . . Arcade Edition

Joust Cocktail

Here is a round up of some of the more notable stories about local arcades over the last week.

-Timeline Arcade was denied a permit for their BYOB business model
Flippers Family arcade to open in Cheyenne WY
BitBar arcade to open in Salem’s former jail
-Up Down arcade bar opens in Minneapolis
Tilt Classic Arcade to close after two years of operations

Ask All You Can Arcade – What Game Am I Thinking Of?

reassembled track ball roller

Today’s question comes in from Kevin, who is trying to remember the name of a favorite arcade game, but only remembers the details of the games. Here are your clues . . .

-Clue#1 – its a side scroller

-Clue#2 – it has a jet that can transform into a robot and vice versa

-Clue#3 it has lots of stages and as far i can remember its that the first stage enemy is a one eyed monster

-Clue#4 amazing sound and graphics

Admittedly clue #4 is a bit subjective, so it may not be as useful, but he did mention that he played it in the 90’s, so it rules out anything post millennium.

Off the top of our head, we know that we don’t have any like this in our inventory, but are going to do our homework in the next 24 hours and will update it with our best guess. If you think that you know the name of the game, dive into the comments and we’ll see if we can figure this one out.

After a bit of careful research, we think that the game is Aeroboto. I wasn’t able to confirm footage of the first boss, but it looks an awfully lot like the game described. It was also known as Formation Z. It was released in 1984 by Jaleco. Here is some footage of the game play on Youtube.

June Birthdays In The Arcade World

space invaders

With so many notable games, it’s hard to keep track of when each one was released, but here is a list of games that we’ve been able to track down June release dates for. If you know of additional games, leave a comment below and we’ll update this post.

A big Happy Birthday goes out to Space Invaders who turned 38 on June 5th. Originally it was named Space Monsters, but they changed the name of the game and ended up with a smash hit.

In June of 1981, the first kits of Missile Command became available. With a heavy dose of cold war paranoia, it rocketed to success.

Cocktails Vs. Stand Up Arcade Games?

Happy HourWhen most people think about Happy Hour specials, they’re thinking of getting drinks after work. For us, a happy hour is when we can fit three cocktail arcade games into the back of our truck.

When we first started collecting games, we didn’t focus on the cocktails at all, but after we launched our customers made it clear that they wanted more. Overall, we’ve found the stand up games to be more popular with our members, but there are a few advantages that the cocktail games offer. The biggest is that you can play a game sitting down. This makes them ideal for a cafeteria type setting. This also gives them an advantage in public areas because they are wheelchair accessible.

It seems like most of the cocktail games that we’ve been able to collect have been early classics. I’m not sure why they stopped making cocktail arcade games in the 90’s, but it’s pretty rare to see something other than an early 80’s title in one. Everybody has their own preference and whether you enjoy playing on your feet or like something a bit more relaxed, it’s interesting to see how something as simple as the design of a game can affect the playability.