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Atari Classic Jumpman Forever Is Less Than $2,500 Away From Becoming A Reality


With arcade games having lost some of their commercial appeal, we’ve seen fewer and fewer new games come to market.  There’s plenty of demand for redemption games, but the video games themselves have fallen out of favor.  Luckily, the advent of crowdsourcing is allowing a lot of arcade games to continue development, by letting the fans help underwrite the cost of the games.

Davis Ray Sickmon. Jr. was able to attain the rights to the Atari Classic Jumpman and is dreaming up a sequel for fans of the game.  While the game is considered rudimentary by today’s standards, for those who were addicted, there are fond memories of the game.  To help continue the Jumpman series, Sickmon is putting together a sequel that you can play.  One of the coolest things about the sequel is that it will include an editor that will allow you to create your own levels in the game.  To help fund the project, he’s set up a kickstarter page with a goal and $20,000.

Amazingly, fans and corporate sponsors have stepped up and have pledged over $17,500 to date.  With a little over 48 hours left in their campaign, it’s quite possible that Jumpman Forever is going to become a reality.  We hope that they jump this last gap and reach their target in time.


A Real Life Arcade Fire Takes Out Bullseye Amusements

Mention the phrase Arcade Fire to most people and they think of the band, but for one operator in Spokane WA, the phrase has taken on an entirely new meaning.  According to Kelsey Watts at KHQ News, a massive fire rip through a barn that Bullseye Amusements was using as a workshop for their games.  While there hasn’t been an official determination of the cause of the fire, the article suggests that it may have had something to do with a furnace that was stoked too much on a very very cold day.  While any arcade fan hates to see a barn full of games wiped out, the silver lining is that Bullseye Amusements still has other games on location that are earning.

“overall, customers of Bullseye Amusements should not notice a problem in the wake of this fire; business will continue as it has for the last 25 years.  However, the few customers that were awaiting repairs or delivery will be impacted as the company works out the details in the wake of the blaze.

KHQ has photos of the blaze and an interview with Bulleye owning, Dave Winfrey on their website.